If in a morning you wake up, open your eyes and see everything is new and strange in your mind, don’t be too surprised – that you are already in Hanoi old quarter, the tourist area has been preserved by vietnamese government, according to Decision N070 BXD/KT-QH on 30th march, 1995 of the Ministry of Construction, Hanoi Old Quarter has been defined as today. Why it's well-known for ? Hanoi possesses enriched historic values, various relics and serve as an exploitation of tourist activities services. Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam with 1006 years old, but planned tourist area of Hanoi old quarter just account for 100 ha including 76 streets belong to 10 administrative wards of Hanoi. Come to Hanoi, Ho Guom (english name, returned sword lake) and Hanoi old quarter are two traveling spots you should go there before departing many other derserving places.

        With the core centre focussed on some main streets, such as Hang Bac, Luong Ngoc Quyen, Ta Hien, Ma May where tourists can easily see and find different hotels and street restaurants and of course thousand of thousand local people as well as travellers around the world walking in these old narrow streets everymorning, afternoon and even the late by night, together with special culture of Hanoi old quarter’s cuisine lessmore bring you various senses of an interesting trip in Vietnam. .. Many things to do in Hanoi, exactly what we want to talk about if you are a newest guest here. From old construction and bad infrastructure of streets, roads and complicated system of  sewer, electricity.. and without streets for pedestrians, foreigners visit Hanoi old quarter will face difficult stituations, even get trouble with unfamiliar culture. Most popular thing, a stranger could be shocked, is the local habbit and behaviour. When you are walking in streets, even on the sidewalk.. the “beep” of almost the tranportation vehicles is the sound you hear frequently at any conners, any streets for nothing.. but to many vietnamese perception, that is way of announcing their vehicles are participated on road to the others.  However, you should not worry and panic for that, when crossing on roads or walking along or around any conners, just take a careful look around and then move slowly (should not run and run, it’s very dangerous, because the vehicles participants cannot control their speed and cannot handle hard stituations) and maybe use your body language what help the others know about your joining together with them as a helpful alert. Sometime, on the way to somewhere for sightseeing or shopping in these old streets, you can see a lot of rubbish lying on the roads, or so many people casually throw bubbish in streets instead of putting into trash. If you see these bad behaviours, you should ignore or better way, you can give a signal that you are unhappy with them (help them understand that it’s not good for environment and beautiful life of themselve). The former, I describe some bad behaviours and some hard challenges for tourists when first time travel in Vietnam, especially, Hanoi old quarter as well. Now, the latter, I will recommend many good things in Hanoi old quarter that is necessary for essential needs of everyone’s life and for funy activities, and other entertainment. Firstly, Hanoi Old Quarter characterized by crowded streets of bars, shops, restaurants and about 500 accommodation including motels, guesthouses, 1-2-3 star hotels and backpackers. You can choose any kind / type of services for yourself, your family and your group without fear of nothing to do .. Secondly, Here is the best destination for foreigners:  do, eat, live as Hanoian styles, for example, walking around somewhere and “book” a sit on walkside for a cup of ice tea, local Hanoi beer, or some tradtional local food such as Bún, phở (beef/ chicken noodle). If you have more time and budget, you should try your chef ability by joing a course of “cooking class”, you will be taught how to prepare well and cook excellently what foods you like. Hanoi old quarter receive anybody from any countries, any religions, any cultures… all people will be equally served with the best attitude and services.

          If you are the one from a different culture in the world visiting Vietnam and staying one or more nights here, you should try Hanoian and join some local activities, very simple, very cheap but never unforgetable ways of life.  You also can share your idea, opinions and your way of life, your country’s culture and lifestyle with the others who are the local citizens or tourists like you. Our Vietnam keep our cultural identity, but always respect for and learn different progressive cultures. We wish to befriend with millions of people who love Vietnam and plan trips to visit our beautiful, tranquil and marvellour Vietnam. 

            Vietnam Travel Heaven - Your trusted Parnership ^ ^


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