Stituated at the Hanoi centre, just only 10 minutes taking a taxi or riding mortobike northwestern ward from Hanoi old quarter, tourists can reach one of the coolest and most romantic natural site in Hanoi. Westlake is a very very large area with about 500ha of the water surface. In the past, it’s former names were Đầm xác cáo, Hồ Kim Ngưu, Lãng Bạc, Dâm Đàm, Đoài Hồ. Nowadays, the formal name of Tây Hồ (west lake) is official call for it.  With its perimeter is more than 17km, Westlake occupies the surrounding areas of Ba Dinh and westlake disctricts.

        Around this lake, there are many cultural and historical sites.

       In the ancient time, it was famous landmarks. From the Ly-Tran dynasties, the Kings decided to build palaces around the lake as a resting place, entertainment for the royal, such as Thúy Hoa palace under Ly dynasty, and then Hàm Nguyên palace under Tran dynasty (now, the area of Tran Quoc pagoda), Từ Hoa under Ly dynasty, currently is Kim Lien pagoda, Thụy Chương palace is now the school of Chu Văn An.

     Around the lake there are also many cultural and historical relics as:

-      Nghi Tam Village, home to Ba Huyen Thanh Quan poet with Kim Lien Pagoda with unique architecture.

-      Nhat Tan Tao village with the temple of Tào Sách and and also the village of peach, quat flowers for spring festival / Tết festival in Vietnam.

-      Xuan La village with Thien Nien pagoda (Millennium year of old pagoda), where worshiping the founder of weaving, Pham Thi Ngoc, who is concubines of King Le Thanh Tong.

-     Ke Buoi Village (An Thái) with craft paper (dó paper) (traditional craft); Đồng Cổ temple (currently located on Thuy Khue Street) where the Assembly swore in Ly dynasty;

-   Thuy Khue village with Ba Đanh pagoda, Quan Thanh Temple, Tran Quoc Pagoda, Phu Tay Ho (where for worshipping Princess Lieu Hanh) is a famous monument and a landmark.

-   Youth street: former name was Cổ Ngư street, formed by a narrow dyke to prevent a corner of Westlake. Year 1957-1958 in the opinion of president Ho Chi Minh, the path was upgraded by Hanoian youths and students in the communist Saturdays in order to expand it as nowadays. Then after, the road was renamed Thanh Niên road. On nice days, a large number of people walking around the lake for sightseeing or doing kayak .. Or entertain in the Westlake water park in summer days..

-    Chu Văn An school, is now a top specialized school in Hanoi, in the past its name Bưởi school. Pupils and Students studies at this school are carefully classified by hard tests conducted every year for the input. Being memners of this special school is the hornour and pride of every students.

      The West lake now is drawing investments of many companies for being a wonderful entertainment place. However, the authority of Hanoi still deserve it as a natural site for nature lovers and protect its ecosystem as the original. When visting Westlake, the tourist can meet a lot of foreigners who are working in Hanoi and choose the departments along the northern part of Westlake for home    

       Some cruises are operated in Westlake as Café, restaurants for guests, anyone can enjoy the nature taste on one of the most spectacular landmark of Vietnam.

     For ones whose love for nature, sitting silently on lakeside for glazing at the dawn, is the interesting experience in life. Vietnam Travel Heaven – Thiên đường Du lịch Việt nam pleasantly introduces this lake  to everyone. Welcome all !


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