Normally, in the high altitude the cold weather and the thin air density creating conditions for the formation of steam, the steam accumulation will form floating clouds with various colors, but white is the popular one where the climbers want to meet..

          More than 320km from Hanoi city to the mountainous area of Son la, Tà Xùa is one of the newest places in the adventure of cloud - hunters in Vietnam. Like many other sites in north west Vienam, such as: Phaluong (peak for a panorama on the western part of Vietnam where lies in the area between Vietnam and Laos), Puluong (where the water mills and rice fields bring explorers the fairy tales), but for Ta xua, the cloud-hunters will touch the heart of heaven.

        Ta xua is a mountainous commune of Bac Yen district, Sonla province, its position bordering the two provinces of Sonla and Yenbai. The highest peak is heavenly gate pinnacle with 2,865m, ranking 10th among the highest mountain in Vietnam. To conquer Taxua for the first time, the strangers will not be easily adapted to the rugged and dangerous terrain on journey up to mountain. Many youths,  review that Ta xua is the hard challenging target to overcome for anyone who desire to conquer its picturesque landscape of place where heaven and earth to meet.

       There are 3 main peaks, forming the extremely natural wonder of Ta xua.  if the one who has rich imagination, Ta xua undoubtedly, takes you back to the prehistoric reptiles of the world, the reptiles era, of which, dinosaurs the king of all species on earth bring your imaginable thinking back to the dinosaurs war. The other could visualize the giant monster with its spine shaped like prehistoric giant dinosaur, winding knob, thorny and rugged.

       To Ta Xua, two paths are possible: first one, starting from Tram Tau (Yen Bai), the second, departing from Bac Yen (Son La) . Taxua trails are so narrow, steep, winding through the Hmong villages that featured by slope sides in the fog like drawing a mythical picture. The best time for a hunting journey of cloud should be planned carefully, because the normal time for cloudy months, from December this year to the next march, the high probability of seeing cloudy valley. Ta xua is also associated with the famous writing of the author Tô Hoài, “Wife and husband A Phủ” taught in vietnamese school. Besides the chance to be a truly rock challenger on this area, the tourists could see a lot of wild flowers growing in flower lanes covered on walkway, in which many of them are no names, reminding rich-imaginable brains the haunted stories, but poetic, mythical and magnificent mountainous area.

       For a full time of 3 days 2 nights, any travelers can be planning for an interesting tours themselve to meet the heaven on earth – Ta xua, just the way you get in touch with fairy land and conquer it bravely!


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