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US President Obama visited Vietnam and were spotted dining in a street-side restaurant of Hanoi, Vietnam with the American chef and author Anthony Bourdin. They sit comfortably over a low plastic stools, feeling the local vibe as they say.

The two ordered the famous bún chả, which is consists of pork and rice noodles. Obama and Bourdin didn’t let the opportunity slip by without having a cold Hanoi beer as well. After the dinner, Obama praised the Vietnamese food and remarked it as a special and excellent dish.

The US President stayed in Vietnam from 23-25th of May 2016 to strengthen the ties of the two countries. He is the third president who visited Vietnam in the post-Vietnam war era following Bill Clinton in 2000 and George Bush in 2006.

What Vietnam is famous for?

If you haven’t been in this historic country, Vietnam is not only popular for its war history with the US, but also with its beautiful landscapes, fascinating culture and mouth-watering food.


From the stunning mountainous Sa Pa and the must not miss trekking here in the paradise like of Ha Long bay and its scattered over 2,000 limestone pillar across the sea.  The beauty of Tam Coc – Hoa Lu and its fascinating caves and the peaceful surroundings of Mai Chau and its magnificent rice paddies will leave you speechless.

If you start cruising down to the south, Hue is a good stop for travellers who are into history, the charm of Hoi An will greet you and probably will make you stay here longer than you planned to, whilst the heavenly clear blue water of the beaches down to Mui Ne is unbeatable! Go sail through the Mekong Delta near the Ho Chi Minh City and meet the villagers of the south.

Whilst Ho Chi Minh City will give you the cool western vibe of the country, there are also plenty of attractions to visit that represent the Vietnam’s history and culture.

Motor biking from the north to the south of Vietnam is one of the best ways to enjoy the landscape; this will also lead you to find hidden gems of the country.


The culture of Vietnam is recognised as one of the oldest culture in Southeast Asia. Despite after the colonisation of China, France and the aftermath of post-Vietnam war era, Vietnam managed to keep its rich culture present and lively.

The Asian-Chinese culture will clearly be presented in Vietnam; the love for the chopsticks, cosily seated by the floor, noodles, Buddhas, and more. You will be surprised how accommodating and smiling Vietnamese are! If you stop by the house of a local Vietnamese family to say hi, you will be greeted by warm smiles and persuasive “come eat” invitations. The unending of offering you something to eat or drink will surely restore your faith in humanity.

Everything happens on the street, one traveller once noticed. On the street, you will see the locals selling food, souvenirs, locals having their afternoon coffee, foreigners sitting on a small plastic stool enjoying their cold beer, even people cycling around selling fruits and other goods.


Food in Vietnam is world-class without doubt! Vietnam seems like had been very creative and was able to come up with hundreds of dishes made out of rice. From the remarkable Phở, Obama’s bún chả, fresh spring rolls wrapped up in rice paper and many many more.

On the side note, who have thought that Vietnam is actually popular for its coffee? You read it right! Coffee in Vietnam, especially up in the north is a big thing! Coffee bean shops could easily be found in every street.

Remember to try coffee with coconut milk and the famous egg coffee! Egg coffee is made out of fresh egg, sugar, condensed milk and a little bit of water whisked together which results in a foamy texture. This foam will be placed on the top layer of black coffee.

When you visit Vietnam make sure to try these foods and the egg coffee. Don’t forget to go sailing through Ha Long Bay and the trek to the mountain of Sa Pa.


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