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        , This summer, the majority of young people and families have the need to travel somewhere in order to escape the heat and relax. However, in Vietnam, the hottest months are june, july, august, the outdoor temperatures are often up to 38-40 degree celsius, sometimes prolonged heat,  temperatures are up to 42-45 degrees Celsius. Heat often leads to unpleasant stuffy, the human body is often difficult to adapt and can easily be infected with diseases such as sunstroke, diarrhea ...

How to combat the hot sun in this blazing summer ?

         Vietnam Travel Heaven suggests  a few solutions to help you confident when going  outdoors without fear of skin darkening  or sunstroke as below:

1. It is always to make sure all the meals evenly day by day, such as enough fresh meat, fish, beans  .. and enough vitamin with supplement ingredients from fresh fruits, vegetables. It also requires that you should drink at least 2 liters of  purified water per day. Micronutrients, and pure water will provide adequate nutrition and health necessary for your body. The body will get  weak due to the lack of nutrients, vitamins and the purified water, in the face of hot weather, the body is susceptible to thermal shock and also weaken the resistance against pathogens.

2. When you step from house and car to the outside, ambient air and temperature and can vary and change greatly . For example, in the house and car due to air conditioning , temperature is about 25 ° c, when going outside,  the temperature can reach 40 degree celsius (15 degrees in  difference, easily making the body vulnerable to  heat shock, even a stroke). So when you step out, you should mobilize body, slowly walk out with caps, hats,  umbrellas. If in long-distance travel, you should wear long clothing and thick, sunglasses, mask, and  gloves, (and for women it should be applied with sunscreen layer for a whole body, in order to make less damage to the body from solar radiation. During the hot days when going away, you should equip medical aid box including bandages, cold medications, pain relievers, cold towels, drinks and sparkling vitamin c to replenish the body promptly when it gets impairment or dehydration.

3. When getting the thermal shock, or having symptoms of stroke, you or companion should immediately move to a cool place, wiping with cold towels, drink cool water and take a  rest  at least 10 -15 minutes before continuing the journey. Stroke cases, companion should do the same steps above and quickly take victim to the nearest medical facility for emergency treatment.

To prepare for a successful holiday, you need to do:

- Get the weather information the day that you expect to travel to those destinations . For example,you intends to Nha Trang, you check carefully the weather in Nha Trang during the period you will be there. When getting  information neccessary, you will easily carry things or arrange a reasonable schedule. (In the case of hurricanes, floods  .. you should cancel the plan or change it to  another occasion).

-  When your plans are certain, the schedules are okay, the things you prepare including: cool costume, the appropriate bathing suit, sun umbrellas if you walk a lot, take wide-brimmed hats, lifejackets (if not know swimming), sunscreen, insect repellent in purpose of against ultraviolet radiation and the risk of insect bites. Time to participate in outdoor activities should from 5 to 6 o’clock morning, from 18 to 19h30 o’clock in afternoon , the remaining time you can participate activities in a shady, cool place or  indoors  and you should avoid walking, in the heat  from the midday to afternoon (12-15 oclock) because this is the time the solar radiation at the highest intensity prone to the risk of stroke and the highest skin cancer.

- In addition to the meals included in the schedule (if you book a service from the travel company), you should also consider purchasing and carrying some of fresh fruits such as watermelon, cucumber, dragon fruits, cream, soft drinks, beer and snacks to ensure there is always something to eat, and stir up the activities when sitting on bus or at the campsite .. Note, the foods should be sourced from clear origin and organic food to avoid the risk of poisoning your body and getting exhausted. In particular, minimizing salt foods  which easily make the body too thirsty, drinking too much ice conditions will not be good for the body.

- When taking many hours of outdoor activity or from a too hot external temperature, walking into the cold places, you need to let your body slowly get used to the change in temperature. Absolutely avoid jumping into rivers, lakes, pools or bathroom, because the body often cannot adapt well to the different temperatures and the environment changes too fast, will lead to stroke, even death .

- During the meal in extremely hot summer days, especially at tourist sites,  you should not eat too much spicy foods, or foods contain rich in protein that can lead to allergies or bloating such as silkworm pupa, insect , beans, nuts, seeds jackfruit (because when allergies or bloating, the body will get nausea, dizziness or  make stuffy the atmosphere around). And it is better to limit your drinks with too much alcoholic beverage.

Vietnam Travel Heaven has just shared some experiences against the hot days and the things should do, to  have a safe and attractive vacation.





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