ABOUT US (VTH travel)

          Vietnam Travel Heaven (VTH travel), was founded in early 2016 by Mr. Davidson, who is Ph.D - an International relations expert with many articles analyzes situation and international context, as well as the world economic and politic trend. So he has deep knowledge and understanding almost about the psychology and wishes of people from their diverse ethnic, religion, belief, culture to their different custom, tradition and hobby.  Besides, he is also a tourism expert in Vietnam with more than 10 year experiences doing in many big companies in Hanoi city.  Mr Davidson has been always cherished in mind to build and develop his own career operated in Travel / Services not only in Vietnam, but also in many foreign countries in the world. That’s why after his tireless endeavors for a long time, in early 2016, he and his colleages decided to set up VTH. VTH is a specialized travel operation company with head quarter in Hanoi, providing all kinds of diverse travel services depending on client's needs. VTH is commited to be one of the top excellent travel companies in Vietnam.

        To explain why we choose the phrase “Vietnam Travel Heaven” and its acronym name. To talk about Vietnam, although our country underwent a long time in many wars with loss and grief, but that belongs to the past. Vietnam today is a developing country, our vietnamese people are very friendly, kindhearted and open minded citizens to global community. We love peace and want to live in peace, it means we love you too – the tourists all over the world who come to visit and explore Vietnam. We dare to be commited that Vietnam is one of the most peaceful, safe and deserving land to reach.  Vietnam possesses the exotic natural beauty, deep values of culture and history that should not be missed in your trips. Vietnam's beauty can be likened to the beauty of paradise or heaven and it is a very truly reality.  In the jungles in South East Asia and South America, for example in Indonesia, there exists one of the most spectacular and wonderful species of birds that is heaven bird or science name of this one is Paradise bird, we choose this kind of bird as a symbol of our company. To search keyword of our country Vietnam, you all will remember colorful beauty of this bird as well as our company name and trademark. That means “All in One – Vietnam, Our company and Heaven bird ” – Discover Vietnam with Vietnam Travel Heaven is your best choice !

Core values of Vietnam Travel Heaven

         At Vietnam Travel Heaven Ltd., all of us are in one family, we do not distinguish the differences among the boss and emplyee, director or staff, every member of company working together and sharing  idea, viewpoint to buid it up. We are pround to be a part of Vietnam Travel Heaven, as well as in Vietnam tourism field.

         Clients are always the greatest asset of our business, and customer care is at the heart of what we do. Serving tourists from heart to heart is our company’s happiness and value. This principle is never changed!

Our Vision

        We try the best step by step to reach to the top ten trademark and services quality, providing customers with premimum prestige and trust. To reach 2020, Vietnam Travel Heaven will open its branches in 10 big travel markets abroad and is one of the leading  travel operation company in Vietnam.


        Vietnam's Top ten Tour, offers you carefree premium travel so you and your family can focus on the fun, not the details. Challenge your skills at the country's most spectacular golf courses. Soak up the sun while being soothed by the sound of breaking surf. Hunt for high-fashion couture in the most elegant cities of Vietnam. 


International Trading Name in English: VIETNAM TRAVEL HEAVEN., LTD (VTH travel).
Company Name in Vietnamese: Công ty TNHH Thiên Đường Du lịch Việt Nam.
Company Licence: 0107408916 issued by The Hanoi Department of Planning and Investment.
Tax Identification Number: 0107408916

Tour Operator License:  No 17  GCN – SDL  issued by the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism. 
"VIETNAM TRAVEL HEAVEN - VTH travel" is our brandname, registered by the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam.

VIETNAM TRAVEL HEAVEN Co., Ltd. (Vietnam), with our head office in Hanoi, Vietnam is a 100% fully registered and privately-owned Vietnamese company. 


GROUP TOURS - The tours that all the services are shared among many clients, but not private services. Do not worry about these kinds of tours because of their proper quality with approriate prices whoever can join it easy!

·Halong – Catba: most outstanding spot is Halong bay with 1 night on boat, but if you have more time, should stay 1 more night in Catba island.

·Sapa – Moutainous town contains many secret of diverse ethinic group of Vietnam, especially its naïve lanscape.

·Daily tours: Some kinds of popular tours that clients’s reach: City, Perfumpagoda, Halong 1 day, Bai Dinh – Trang An..

   PRIVATE TOURS: We fix some tours special for whomever wants to enjoy private services. Even only you, your family or a big team friends.. we always say yes and you all will feel the best of all!

·         Family tour

·         Honey moon trip

·         Romatic Couple tour


Including: Package Group Tours  and Mixed Package Tours

+ Package Group Tours: All the tours indeed are joined together by many guests, everyone join the services and shares them with the others. So, each guest can saves money, time and have more fun. For example: You book a Package group tours 5 days 4 night with VTH, you have 2 days 1 night discover Halong bay, you share services as bus, guide, meals and cruise with a big group is about of 20 other guests. Likewise, you take a tour 2 days 1 night by bus to Sapa, you also share share your services with the others. And the final day you finish tour with Hanoi city tour, it’s the same with the above regulations. therefore, the package group tours are indeed the long time tours all are shared together but much more cheaper, more funnier and of course you have more friends all over the world due to this occasion.

  + Mixed Package Tours: Mixed package Tours are the long time tours mixed by many group tours and many private tours. Many tours you can share services with the others, but some of journeys inside this kind of package you cannot do it because some the journeys in North East/North West Vietnam, we can only provide private services despite the group shared services. How to explain it easily ? You ony book tour and everything will be served well by us.  Do not worry for that quality, we arrange properly the schedule for your most comfort and satisfaction with highest assurance commitment of us. For example, you book package 12 days 11 nights, destinations: Hanoi - Halong bay- Catba island-Sapa-Hanoi-MaiChau-Phuluong ecotourism-Hanoi. For this package, you can share the group tour in Hanoi (City tour 1 day; 3 days 2 night with 1 night on boat and 1 night in hotel in Catba; 2 days 1 night in Sapa. But for Mai Chau- Phu Luong where we are only able to provide you with private services, such as: professional guide (speaking english or french), private car/bus, private meals…). As followings are some samples. If you care about it, just search on its module for more detailed itineraries.

·Packages 8 days 7 nights: Hanoi – Halong bay – Catba island – Sapa – Hanoi

·Package 12 days 11 nights: Hanoi – Halong – Catba island – Sapa – Hanoi – Mai chau – Phu Luong – Hanoi

·Package  10 days 9 nights : Hanoi – Sapa – Hagiang – Ninh Binh- Halong – Catba island- Hanoi

·Package 12 days 11 nights : Hanoi – Mai Chau - Moc Chau – Son La – Dien Bien Phủ - Sapa – Hagiang – Hanoi – Halong – Ninh Binh – Hanoi

CUSTOMIZED TOURS: Depending on customer’s needs for time, schedule, budget, hobbies, health, ages.. When receiving any inquiries or questionaire from guests, we assure to respond to them as soon as possible within 24 hours. Vietnam Travel Heaven can do everything in order to serve every high services quality to every client all over the world. Our services surely offer beyond your expectations !

Other Services: Other related services such as: hotel/bangalow/resort rooms booking; Motorbike/car/bycicle for rent; money exchange; visa extension; charitable activities..

        For your reassurance, we are partners with numerous travel companies and tour operators around the world. Many of them become our referrers or traditional clients.

          Discover & Enjoy Vietnam as your own way with us !



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