HANOI STREET FOODIE TOUR

    For Group Tour:  25-30 usd/1 person (Depen on the guest volum)
    For Private Tour: 35-40usd/1 person 
    (Depen on the guest volum)

             More than a mere stranger, you are a truly King of Hanoian Street Food ^ ^
            Once upon the time, the Kings of different dynasties of Vietnam have been setting up the capital of the land - now, Hanoi, the Kings have recognized this land as the political, economic, cultural and social hub of the country and also conquered by the delicious tastes of Hanoian special cuisine. Today,  Hanoi Old Quarter is the place where our authority sets up as the cultural centre for tourist to Hanoi.
              What to enjoy !  
                                  What's your passionate cuisine ?

              Welcome all, stepping into the heaven of traditional, simple but various and delicious foods. Discovering Hanoi not only by its landscapes, historical sites or unique architectures but also should be sweetly conquered by its hidden charm and enriched culture of traditional arts and Hanoian street food. Stories told from generation to generation and from vendors to client of what the original of each food was made for simple life of household or for customers they enjoy food everyday. Come to Vietnam and join us for fun & exotic culture tour. Be sure ! Even the hardest-tempered client will  be also  served well by our services.

             This kind of tour promisingly brings travelers into insights the real lifestyle of local people who are part of Vietnamese populations. Only when you take part in daily pace of the locals,  will you understand almost their traditional way of life. Hanoi is voted as the city of peace, so very safe to walk on any conners of town and there, a lots of rotating manu for choices around 36 old streets, and our professional guide will choose the best among some of this introduction, such as: Phở bò (Rice noodles with beef), phở gà  (rice noodles with chicken), bún ốc (rice noodles with snails), bánh cuốn (steamed rice pancakes rolled with pork), bánh gối (mushroom pillow cake), bún chả (rice noodles with grilled pork), mỳ trộn (mixed vermicelli), bánh mỳ Pa tê (Hanoi patê bread), bánh mỳ trứng (Hanoi bread with fried egg), nem cuốn (spring roll), Nộm hoa chuối (Banana flower salad), Bánh xèo (Fried pancake) Cafe trứng (Egg coffee), Chè (Sweet gruel soup), And one or more cup of Bia hơi (Hanoi beer) or Trà đá (iced tea) is the way tourist should not be missed out when exploring Hanoi, Ect.
    -Departure time: at 10:30 AM and 05:30 MP every day.
    -Small group (friendly touch)
    -Duration of tour: 3 hours in length
    -Things should be brought with: rain coat, umbrellar..
    -Wearing: anything suitable for comfort
    -English speaking guide (beyond your tour leader)

    - Our guide will give you a round from 5-7 eateries from and over 6-8 dishes and drinks (traditional foods are carefully chosen for guests) and our schedule is the subject to change without notice.
    -  Enthusiastic and skilled English speaking guide
     - Pick-up and drop-off (Old Quarter only)
    -Tipping for tourguide is not compulsory and is up to your satisfaction to services
    -Personal expenses: shopping and other extra services.
    Note: in case, you're a vegetarian (no meat, no fish), it'll be limitted in choice of food for you)
    Pick-up time:
     - For group tour: the pick-up time will be flexible within 20 minutes (For example: For dinner time, the pick- up time will be between 17h15-17h45). For sharing services among clients, this tour, including, picking up guests at hotel, so please waiting for us (highly approciated)
     - For private tour: the pick-up time is up to the guest, it is customized!
     - The hotel pick-up must be in Hanoi Old Quarter, in case of picking point is far out of this area, please kindly inform us for that.


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