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    (Experience the special cultural quintessence of Vietnam!)
     Private tour (highlights: invaluable historic relics, beautiful landscapes and wonderful architecture, cultural quintessence with art puppet show, unique & spectacular traditional long dress, impressive Vietnamese cuisine. All in one which you can hear, see, smell, touch, taste and feel by your own enthusiastic hearts!)

     Pick up – time: 7h30 / End at: 15h30
     Duration: 8 hours
    Exploring deep insights into any culture of any regions in the world is the great experience that you might want?   With this proverb: “When you’re in Rome, do as the roman do!”  We, VTH travel is the top notch services committed to bringing you the most unforgettable impressions on the journey of our cultural legacy.
    Our guide and bus will meet you at hotel, give you a brief of program then we start the tour by going to some well-known historic places in the city of Hanoi.
     Firstly, visiting Tran Quoc pagoda (Defending Pagoda) is one of the oldest pagodas in Vietnam), located on one green island of the Westlake. Admiring and understanding about Vietnamese Buddhist era and this beautiful spot will be your first step.
    Secondly, Hochiminh’s complex – the political central area of Vietnam, where you have the meaningful time to get to know about uncle Ho / Ho Chi Minh – the great leader who had the best and endless contributions to revolutionary course of Vietnam. Through these famous historic sites of the complex, visitors will get more what of their expectation.
    Thirdly, At the complex, tour guide will also takes you to the Water Puppet theater nearby one pillar pagoda (you can see a 40 minute show – the top Vietnamese cultural quintessence in Hanoi).
    Fourthly, After that incredible show, we will visit to Van Mieu Quoc Tu Giam – the Temple of Literature, which was the first university of Vietnam (under some glorious dynasties along the history of us), and then, has been serving as a sacred temple for Confucious (who was the most influential master in East Asia, more than 2 thousand years ago, with his unique philosophy of morality and thoughts on all walks of life). Nowadays, this temple is a very spectacular highlight where worth adding into your trip.
    Fifthly, by the midday, the bus and guide will take you back to restaurant on the bank of the Westlake or another site in Hanoi old quarter, where either of them, you are able to enjoy the specialty of Hanoian cuisine.
    Sixthly, in the next stop, we shall take you to the central area near the lake, you can taste an delicious ice cream before coming to the costume shop.  At the upper floor, special highlight of this program is that you have opportunity to try and wear one traditional national costume of Vietnamese people – Áo dài, another cultural quintessence of Vietnamese country. With long, smooth, colorful dress for both men and women that will make you most attractive in any other one’s eyes.  By sitting on cyclo (*wonderful touristic vehicle used, only in Vietnam) to some most beautiful sites in the old quarter, such as: the Returned sword lake, the Big ancient church, the Mosaic painting street, travellers will catch all happy moments in marvelous pictures or videos. 
    Seventhly, after changing your costume at the shop, you can get more energy to improve your strength with one mixed bowl of fresh fruits (Vietnam – the tropical paradise enriched by abundant fruit gardens). Feel relaxed and come back to your hotel.  End of tour.
    o          Skillful English speaking guide
    o          2-3 bottles of pure water /1 pax
    o         Modern car/ bus (depending on guest number) on tour
    o        1 Vietnamese traditional cuisine for Lunch at restaurant.
    o        1 Vietnamese Ice cream & 1 Mixed bowl of fresh fruits/ 1 pax
    o        Entrance fees for visiting places listed in itinerary.
    o        Fees for Water Puppet show
    o        Fees for Traditional long dress of Vietnamese and 1 hour for Cyclo
    o       Pick up/ Drop off (in and nearby Hanoi center)
    o          Personal expenses during the tour, ex: beer, wine, different beverages
    o          Tipping for Bus driver/ Cyclo men / Tour guide (depending on your satisfaction)
    * Note:
    - if you want to join another program at late afternoon – Hanoi Street Foodie Tour, you should stay at coffee shop or go shopping something. Street food tour, normally, starts at 17h15-30 every afternoon with another tour guide and finishes at 20h30).  
    - Our schedule is the subject to change without notice due to different factors. ( for example: typhoon, storm, traffic jam..)
    - Hochiminh’s mausoleum opens every morning except: Monday, Friday and every afternoon and closes frequently every 2 months in year for renovation (normally, from mid June to mid August)
    - Tourists need to obey all the instructions from tour guide and our company.                                     
    Public Prices  
    HANOI CULTURAL LEGACY JOURNEY                   (Unit: usd/pax)                                    
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    Public Price   215 279 341 419 478 535 589 651 716 776 827 881 937 994
    Tour finishes at about: 15h30, tour guide and bus takes you back home. If you decide to join another program as bellows, you will wait at Hanoi old quarter by yourselves (can do sth: relax, go shopping..) and wait for Street Foodie Tour’s Guide. (*If  just a few of you, we will fix you with other guests in Food Tour Group as usual.  In another case, if you decide to book Street Foodie Private Tour, you will discuss its price with your partner.)
    Street Food Program  
    (Normally, start at: 5h15-5h30 everyday)
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    Applied for 1 Partner
    From 1 – 6 pax From 7-9 pax From 10 – 12 pax From 13–15 pax
    Public Price 25 usd/1pax 24 usd/1pax 23 usd/1pax 22 usd/1pax

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